Our Workflow

Prerequisite:     Finish the first novel.
We need to know that you can finish a novel-length story.

Submission Phase     Submit a three-page query letter first.
Describe your first story briefly, but passionately. Pitch your storyline. Tell us who will enjoy this story and something about yourself as a writer. Give us the word count and how the story is structured (i.e. chapters, parts), then how to contact you.

Screening Phase     We get to know you and your storyline.
One or more review editors and/or associates will read your submission inquiry. We will request the first three to five chapters or the entire story. Either we love it, or we think it needs work, or the project is not quite right for us.

Review Phase     How does your story(line) compare?
Associates with more experience in the specific genre (or non-genre) you have written will take a fresh look at your storyline.

Acquisition Phase     Acquisition editor(s) are your champion.
An acquisition editor or team will take your project and determine what must be done to take your initial work to a finished series.

Reader Phase     We solicit feedback from everyday readers!
We eagerly solicit and desire the feedback of everyday readers, like yourself, to help us judge and proof the stories sent to us.

Decision Phase    A member of management will make a decision.
A member of management will make a decision whether the project is a GO or NO-GO. This is as much a leap of faith in you as a writer as a judgment whether we can produce a complete marketable storyline in a reasonable amount of time.

Edit Phase     You know your story better than anyone else.
You, writer soon to be published author, are responsible for PROOF EDITING your story. Use the tools and techniques we provide, as well as solicit friends you know to read your story proof and provide feedback. Fix consistency mistakes, grammar, tighten the narrative, rewrite, polish, and edit until you have a complete ready-to-be-typeset Word document of your (next) story ready to be typeset. Yes, this is a LOT of work!

Production Phase     You are a PROFESSIONAL WRITER at this point!
While we are professionally typesetting your story, work with the graphics designer on your cover artwork and provide us with a dramatic excerpt for the inside front page, a compelling description for the back cover, and any content you want in the front matter. At each phase of the production of your story into a print book, e-book, audiobook, or other format — we need your feedback and guidance. Please do not abandon us here.

Without your active involvment in your storyline production, the end product may not be all that you had envisioned. We are trusting you to write and are providing a platform for your stories to be publically and widely known.

Roll-Out Phase     Become an AUTHOR as well as a writer.
While we are handling the tasks of copyrighting, registering, and making your work available through sales channels, you need to do something for us that is likely unfamiliar (the first time out): become an AUTHOR. You are now a public personna, an author, as well as the private individual you were when you were writing and placing your stories in the bottom drawer of your chest of drawers.

Most writers are not extroverts, but take a stab at stepping out with us. You have to be accessible at least to the point of speaking out on your storyline and yourself — because people are curious and they want to know. Take it as a bold new step and a chance to meet new friends.

Publicity Phase     No one is on an island alone anymore.
Our plan is to put your story before a reader who may buy it.

Publicity requires contacts, media exposure, public perception, posts to social media, and press releases. But publicity means much more than joining the clamor in telling the world that yet another new book has been written and is now published. Publicity is really about the focused, specific statements you want to say and is in making widely known why you wrote your storyline to begin with.

If you have enough heart and courage at this point to have written it, trust your storyline will find the audience who needs it the most.

Our Future     Making a difference!
We say, Without Love Nothing Changes ®. This is from the world of love, and light, and God. We also have a wolf howling over the night, into the darkness, into what makes most people afraid, and into loneliness — with you, we trying to bring some good into circumstances that are so bad. Although many people will not understand, and others will not believe and see what you have tried to do, this is the chance we take when we step out and try new things.

Whatever path you travel from here, have a little faith also.

You have not only tackled the serious, difficult, and impossible situations we asked you to tackle, but you did it with a great deal of grace, compassion, and sense of rightness in the world. Because once a character you have written steps out of the page into a reader's heart, you have accomplished a small miracle. You have shown them a heart and life they would not have seen without you  — and, we believe, the door of love opens wider the more you see.