Submission Guidelines
We seek well-written and crafted novel-length series fiction in the teen, fantasy, suspense, or mystery genre. Actually, being outside the norm is fine with us. We are interested in SERIES fiction, that is, covered in more than one novel. Novel-length is defined as greater than 50,000 words. We do not accept anthologies of the type where different characters appear, such as generations within a family portrayed. We want the same characters throughout the storyline. We want people in serious, difficult, and impossible situations that the reader may find compelling, real, and honest. We look for stories that readers will care about and want to stay with.

You should have the initial novel written and edited as well as you can before you submit your storyline to us. We need to know you have actually written and finished a complete story first.

Submit a Query Letter First
We only accept submissions electronically in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word DOC or DOCX format. Do not mail a query or manuscript or digital files by postal mail except at our request.

Submit a query letter of three pages. Title each page with your name, city, providence or region, telephone number or e-mail, and the date formatted in DD-MMM-YYYY format.

Please see our Workflow for additional information.

Contact us for more info