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Today Silently Publishing begins reaching out.

No doubt the burning question in your mind is why a Christian-based company would chose to publish a story of vampyric blood-drinking people as our premier storyline? It's simple really: We want stories of people in serious, difficult, and impossible situations that readers may find compelling, honest, and real - but people with a core of good in them in spite of everything else in the darkness and with the door of grace and love open somewhere. No one here is perfect and knows everything. No one here has all of the answers. We stand before our God, just as you, and before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - to Him and Him alone are we accountable. Choose to love, or don't.

Each of the four story blocks of the Silently series storyline repeat the pattern of love, grace, compassion, and right with God. Yes, the story itself is dark, sometimes violent or involving sexual situations, and the people in this condition have a very bitter life. We guess what we really want to say is that the love of God is really enough, the grace of God is really enough, the compassion of God is really enough, and His burning desire that we be right with God is really enough - even for this.

Premier - October 2014